First 1000-influencer activation from Brand Influence and Avon

Brand Influence proudly announces the success of its first-ever activation with 1000 nano/micro influencers – the Avon #HydramaticLipstick campaign. The goal: to drive viral product awareness and create a social trend that reverberates across the digital landscape. With an electrifying nano and macro activation, the campaign generated explosive beauty buzz, creating virality within 24 hours, first on TikTok and then Instagram. ​​This extraordinary collaboration showcases the power of influencer marketing to revolutionize the beauty industry and ignite bold conversations.

The #HydramaticLipstick campaign centred around the launch of Avon Hydramatic Matte Lipstick and its groundbreaking formulation: the world’s 1st matte lipstick with a hydrating hyaluronic core! To put #HydramaticLipstick to the test, Brand Influence and Avon enlisted 1000 handpicked influencers to execute a massive launch on Instagram, followed by the first branded effect on TikTok in SA. These influencers were carefully selected from key target markets, representing a diverse range of consumers who are passionate about makeup and beauty, creative expression, and matte lipsticks. 

The influencer activation overperformed on all expectations, delivering powerful results in terms of reach, engagement, and total posts. The campaign achieved an impressive reach of 48.9 million, surpassing the anticipated 9.5 million. Engagement exceeded projections, with a remarkable 5.5 million, compared to the expected 1.1 million. The impact of the #HydramaticLipstick campaign extends beyond social media. Sales figures in Avon’s lipstick category have skyrocketed, with March lipstick sales experiencing a 122% increase and April sales rising by 32%. 

“Brand Influence have been fantastic at implementing the campaign using our influencer measurement tool, and were integral in selecting a large group of influencers who met our strategic requirements and targets. From recruitment to reporting, their process was seamless, problem solving where we needed it and integrating with our full campaign plan,” said Amy Phillips, Avon Brand Manager. 

With the support of dedicated influencers and the exceptional collaboration with beauty powerhouse Avon, the success of the #HydramaticLipstick campaign has demonstrated Brand Influence’s ability to confidently execute large-scale influencer campaigns, leveraging the power of 1000 influencers to drive viral product awareness and boost sales. 

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