Brand Influence’s Gen Z Campaign Ignites Frenzy for PRIME Hydration Launch at Checkers

Brand Influence partnered with retail giant Checkers to unleash an electrifying influencer campaign on the Brand Advisor platform, targeting the Gen Z market. The mission was simple: create a whirlwind of hype and excitement around Checkers becoming the official partner of PRIME Hydration in South Africa. With a masterful blend of nano/micro influencers, creativity, and Gen Z-centric activations, the #DrinkPrimeWithCheckers campaign took the nation by storm, demonstrating the immense influence and buying power of Gen Z and their parents. 

Brand Influence meticulously handpicked 150 people nationwide who fell into two different segments: Gen Z influencers and parents of Gen Z children who represented youth culture on TikTok and Instagram. These influential teens (± 16-year-olds) were aligned with the PRIME brand and also the Checkers brand, representing a diverse range of interests, from sports and gaming to fashion and comedy, embodying the spirit of PRIME and resonating with the target audience.

Through a series of engaging activations and captivating content, the  #DrinkPrimeWithCheckers successfully exceeded expectations and achieved remarkable results, with an unprecedented reach of 4.4 million, exceeding the anticipated figure by a staggering 239%. As for views, the project saw an impressive 596 604 views, with a remarkable 565 pieces of content generated, taking social media by storm and surpassing the projected figure by an impressive 88%.

The influencer-generated content became an adrenaline-fueled showcase of the launch’s extraordinary energy and urgency. Immersive videos documented the crowds of eager fans lining up to become the first to own PRIME Hydration from Checkers stores. Each post exuded the essence of electrolytes and hydration, pulsating with excitement and capturing the imagination of audiences across multiple platforms.

The success of this campaign has firmly established Brand Influence’s prowess in effectively reaching and captivating the Gen Z market. By harnessing the power of influential voices, the agency effectively created a frenzy of excitement around PRIME Hydration, making it the talk of the town among South African consumers.

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