Brand Influence: Trailblazing the Launch of International Brands in South Africa with Innovative Influencer Campaigns

Brand Influence, a local influencer marketing agency, has successfully demonstrated the power of using targeted influencer campaigns to introduce international brands and products to the South African market. Through a series of impactful campaigns for brands like Mighty Patch and Prime, Brand Influence has proven their unmatched capability in building local communities for brands entering the South African market for the first time. This strategic approach emphasizes the power of storytelling through nano and micro-influencers to foster authentic connections and conversations for global brands.


Recent campaigns for Mighty Patch and Prime Hydration illustrate the innovative approach to influencer marketing, leveraging storytelling and authentic engagements:

  1. MIGHTY PATCH Campaign: Mighty Patch, a product by Hero Cosmetics (and the USA’s #1 best-selling pimple patch), made its debut in South Africa through a meticulously planned influencer campaign, spearheaded by Brand Influence. The #MightyPatchItSA campaign marked the introduction of Mighty Patch to the South African audience. Utilising the influencers’ authentic experiences, the #MightyPatchItSA campaign generated excitement and trust in the product, and in the brand as a whole. By engaging 100 influencers from the skincare and beauty niche, the campaign effectively: 
  • Reached over 3 million people, achieving 273% of the target.
  • Engagement and views hit nearly 670,000, surpassing goals by 446%.
  • Generated 356 pieces of content, exceeding expectations by 178%.

  1. PRIME Hydration: The launch of PRIME Hydration in South Africa, a collaboration with Checkers, targeted the Gen Z demographic. The strategy for the #DrinkPRIMEWithCheckers campaign involved:
  • Mobilising 150 nano and micro influencers to create a buzz on launch day.
  • Generating massive FOMO and rush by showcasing queues outside Checkers stores.
  • Achieving significant sales impacts and creating a viral status symbol among South African youth. 


Launching international brands in South Africa requires:

  • Deep Market Understanding: Knowing your audience and tailoring campaigns that resonate with local values and interests.
  • Targeted Influencer Selection: Carefully choosing influencers within relevant niches to ensure authentic and impactful brand storytelling.
  • Community Building: Focusing on creating a loyal community around your brand through consistent and engaging content.
  • Creative Storytelling: Using online narratives that weave the product into the influencers’ lives, making it relatable to the audience.


Brand Influence invites international brands aiming for a significant impact upon entering the South African market to collaborate and capitalize on the proven success of influencer marketing strategies. For more information on Brand Influence’s services and campaigns, please visit


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