Brand Influence Marks Success With Their First Property Influencer Campaign

Brand Influence, a local trailblazer in large-scale nano influencer campaigns, recently orchestrated its first-ever property-based campaign for Live Easy apartments in Gauteng! By securing 100 targeted influencers to attend Live Easy’s in-person property showcase, this collaboration marked a significant milestone in property-focused influencer marketing, bringing to light Live Easy’s affordable, stylish living spaces! The campaign cemented the #LiveEasyExperience as the ideal choice for young, ambitious individuals, and highlighted Brand Influence’s prowess with impactful service campaigns around in-person events!

The Results: Unprecedented Engagement and Reach

The campaign was activated through Brand Influence’s newest B2C platform, Service Insider, using their expansive database of service-aligned influencers to find the perfect people for the campaign. The selected group were highly targeted based exclusively in the JHB & PTA area; including young working professionals, first-time job seekers looking for accommodation closer to the city, individuals looking to move up in life, as well as influencer’s whose audiences were the perfect fit for Live Easy’s accommodation!

The Live Easy campaign saw a staggering turnout of all 100 influencers across 2 Live Easy venues for their in-person property showcases, leading to impressive reach, engagement and views.

  • REACH: 1,738,890 (overperformed target by 217%)
  • ENGAGEMENT + VIEWS: 1,868,365 (overperformed target by 1245%)
  • PIECES OF CONTENT: 323 (overperformed target by 161%) 

Key Highlights from Live Easy’s Events:

  • Influencer Engagement: The campaign boasted in-person participation from influencers across various niches, highlighting the broad appeal of Live Easy. Their shared content showcased the unique amenities and community benefits, painting Live Easy as the go-to urban living solution.
  • Brand Exposure: The extensive reach and engagement metrics show a significant impact on brand visibility. Influencers’ posts, stories, and mentions brought unprecedented awareness to Live Easy’s offerings.
  • Networking and Connections: The event facilitated valuable networking opportunities, connecting influencers with peers and the brand, fostering meaningful relationships and potential future collaborations.

“What a refreshing experience! Always felt the Brand Influence team was fully engaged with lots of excitement and application. Unbelievable feedback from Adele (Business Development Manager at Brand Influence) and her team. We are thrilled with the amazing results and can’t wait to use the content generated for our brand,” said Live Easy co-founder Jeffrey Froom 

The Power of Micro and Nano Influencers:

  • Hyper-Targeted Reach: Leveraging micro and nano influencers enabled precise targeting, ensuring that the message resonated with the most relevant audiences.
  • Authentic Advocacy: These influencers brought authenticity to the campaign, their genuine endorsements resonating deeply with their engaged followers.
  • Cost-Effective Strategy: The approach demonstrated a highly effective, budget-friendly marketing strategy, maximising ROI while delivering exceptional results.

Looking Ahead:

This campaign not only showcased the impact of influencer marketing but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations. With the proven success of event based activations, Brand Influence invites service-related businesses to explore the power of nano and micro lifestyle influencers to create unique, authentic and organic conversations on social media. Follow the #LiveEasyExperience hashtag on Instagram to see the content and get in on the action! 

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