The idea is born

Lori Weiner, an on-set make-up artist and hairstylist, recognises the power of consumer opinions.

Launch of Make-up Bulletin: a blogging community
  • Earns an affiliate blogger badge.
  • Consumers value expert advice.
Rebrand as Beauty Bulletin: the home of real women, real reviews
  • Blog transforms into a review platform. 
  • Consumers value genuine opinions of other consumer.
Beauty Bulletin meets Facebook
  • Consumers start reviewing brands on social media. Consumer power grows. 
  • Beauty Bulletin software is enhanced.
  • Beauty Bulletin offers brands social review and community management.
Growth of video content and reviews
  • Beauty Bulletin brand gains social recognition and the community grows.
Development of creative campaigns
  • Simple sampling evolves into dynamic campaign storytelling. 
  • Beauty Bulletin campaigns are the support for TV and print content online.
  • Beauty Bulletin shifts from customer review platform to an Influencer Platform.
Development and growth of Influencers
  • Influencers flock to Beauty Bulletin to gain exposure and grow their skills and following.
  • Connect influencers with the right brands.
Brand offering and services become more sophisticated
  • Brands want an exclusive online destination to house the rich UGC influencer campaign content where the voice of the brand and voice of the customer is shared.
  • Consumer base shifts to Black female consumers.  
  • Incorporation of personal care products. 
  • Live chat webinars with experts launched so customers can talk directly to the brand. 
  • Incorporation of market research and detailed surveys.
Growth of Instagram and Twitter
  • Influencing becomes a business.
  • Continues to be the growth hub for micro- and nano-influencers.
  • Launch of Insta-parties to deliver high impact engagement and reach between influencers and collective audiences.
Brand Advisor launches
  • Enter new categories of food and beverages, lifestyle, and pet care.
  • Launch of integrated e-commerce capability.
New Beauty Bulletin and Brand Advisor websites
  • Bigger, better, stronger websites and platforms for REALfluencers communities.

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Founder Managing Director of Brand Influence Lori Weiner is the heart of what powers South Africa’s pioneering influencer marketing campaigns. Brand Influence’s continued success can be attributed to Lori’s unique cross-industry hands-on experience, as well as her unrivalled finesse for creating, maintaining, and growing authentic communities. Lori’s multi-hyphenate career has leant ever-expanding creativity to Brand Influence’s campaign ideation and management. From working on set as a hairstylist and make-up artist to being a key player in the beauty and retail industries, a look at her timeline proves Lori’s been cultivating authentic, loyal communities for over ten years. It’s her passion and she’s exceptionally good at it. It’s what differentiates Brand Influence from all other influencer marketing companies. Lori drives Brand Influence’s creation of communities of REALfluencers that turn brand stories into authentic social conversations.


Co-founder of Brand Influence, Brian Weiner brings meticulous project management and seamless technical solutions to ensure hiccup-free operations and optimised user experiences. With his extensive experience in eCommerce development, management, and marketing, Brian’s technological expertise provides Brand Influence with the structure it needs for Lori’s creativity to manifest.

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