Influencer Campaigns for The Service Industry – A Success Story from Brand Influence

Brand Influence, a local agency specialising in large-scale nano influencer campaigns, announces its recent series of influencer campaign successes. Just a few months after launching Service Insider, their 3rd B2C platform, they have already activated 4 successful service-based campaigns. Through carefully curated influencer campaigns, the platform has quickly demonstrated its effectiveness in enhancing brand visibility and engagement for service-based businesses. Boasting several high-impact campaigns that significantly surpassed target metrics, Brand Influence is setting a new benchmark for how brands engage with consumers online.

Highlights of Recent Service Campaign Successes:

  • MTN MoMo (#InAMoMo): An Instagram campaign for the MTN MoMo app, activated with 100 influencers. Achieved a staggering 2.12 million reach (193% of target), with 495,000 engagements and views (330% of target), generating 341 pieces of content (170% of target).

  • Petshop Science (#DiscoverPetshopScience): This campaign was for Checkers’ pet store, Petshop Science, activated on Instagram with 100 influencers. It surpassed goals with a reach of 1.8 million (171% of target), 565,000 engagements and views (377% of target), and 364 pieces of content (182% of target).

  • Betway (Twitter/X focused campaign): Brand Influence worked with 100 promoters of Betway to keep the narrative positive on Twitter/X, fostering a positive sentiment with 94% positivity/neutrality, reaching 97.4% of the tweet target, and creating a vibrant community of sports and betting enthusiasts.

  • Live Easy Accommodation (#LiveEasyExperience): The Live Easy campaign, activated on Instagram, saw a turnout of 100 influencers across 2 Live Easy venues for their in-person property showcases. Exceptional performance with 1.74 million reach (217% of target), 1.87 million engagements and views (1245% of target), and 323 pieces of content (161% of target).

About Service Insider:

Launched as Brand Influence’s third B2C platform, Service Insider caters to various sectors, including technology, finance, dining, hospitality, travel, and fitness. The platform facilitates real conversations between brands and influencers, providing:

  • A marketplace for genuine service-related engagement.
  • Opportunities for brands to connect with an expansive database of service-aligned influencers.
  • Authentic narratives that amplify brand presence through social media.

Looking Ahead:

These campaigns showcase the impact of influencer marketing and lay the groundwork for future collaborations. As consumers gravitate towards convenience, value, and personalised experiences, brands must adapt their strategies to meet these evolving demands. By leveraging digital platforms, nurturing brand loyalty, and embracing innovation, brands can navigate the competitive landscape and build meaningful connections with their audience.

With the proven success of service-based activations, Brand Influence invites service-related businesses to explore the power of nano and micro lifestyle influencers to create unique, authentic and organic conversations on social media.

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